It’s time to take care of you

Health OptimizerTM is more than an app. It’s an easy-to-use, digital health platform that can help you make better decisions about your health — while strengthening connections to care teams.

Imagine a personal health coach on any smartphone – at no additional cost to you.

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How do I get started?

Every health journey is unique. So we’re happy to offer health tools and support designed just for you. It’s made available by your employer or health plan — at no extra cost to you.

  • The first step is downloading the app and creating a profile. Enter your name exactly as your employer or health plan would have on file.
  • Learn how to set yourself up for success.

Health Optimizer can help you reach your health goals with:

  • Personalized health actions
  • Useful reminders
  • Connecting with your care team
Great resources for healthy living

Why Health Optimizer?

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Sync your devices
stay connected
Track your vital signs all in one place by connecting with 400+ smart devices. Like blood glucose meters, fitness trackers and blood pressure monitors.
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Make better
health decisions

Get real-time, personalized feedback and digital coaching on your blood glucose and blood pressure readings.
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Help your care team
deliver better care

Securely share health data and insights with your providers, both during and between visits.
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Diabetes 101 Notification Card - Learn what to eat, your BG targets, and more.
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Understand how diet
affects the mind and body

Build a weekly meal plan from a database of 400+ recipes. Explore menu items in nearby restaurants. Snap a photo of a meal to get its nutrition information.
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Use smart medication

Easily input information about your medications or securely import them from your pharmacy. Use the in-app reminders so you never miss a dose.
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Did you take your bedtime meds? Record them now Notification Card
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Bed Time Notification Card
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Track fitness and
troubleshoot sleep

Understand how sleep and exercise affect you. Problem solve sleep issues and find new fitness motivation.
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Download Health Optimizer

  1. Search for “Health Optimizer ” in Google Play or the App Store and download.

    Or scan the code with your smartphone camera.

  2. In the app, select “Sign Up” and enter your access code. If you don’t have an access code, enter your name exactly as your employer or health plan would have on file.


Please call Aetna Member Services at the number on your member ID card.

Cell phone displaying the App welcome screen with Track It, Weekly Challenge and Restaurant Helper cards

Quick tips


Add medications

Personalize the experience. Automatically import medications from pharmacy or patient portal — or input by hand.

Go to: More > Medications > Import Medications
Or go to: More > Medications > Create/Update Medication List

Connect devices

Every health journey begins with a single step. Once devices are synced, you can immediately uploaded to the Logbook.

Go to: More > Connections & Devices > Glucose Meter
Or go to: More > Connections & Devices > Health and Fitness Trackers

Share progress

Great care requires great communication. Send your SMART Visit Report® to keep care team members updated on your progress and to get support between office visits.

Go to: More > Health Information > SMART Visit Report. Add doctor’s name and contact information
Schedule a report to be sent every 30 days.

Adjust settings

Customize the experience. Modify your settings and ensure that Health Optimizer is synced to your daily schedule, language, and email preferences.

Go to: More > Settings > My Daily Schedule
Go to: More > Settings > My Preferences > Language
Go to: More > Settings > My Preferences > Marketing Emails and Product Emails

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